Somerset Rec Club’s Pre-Competition Swim Team for 5-7 year olds



What is Sharkies?

At the SRC (Somerset Rec Club) kids ages 7- 18 love our summer swim team program and it all often starts with Sharkies, a fun program designed specifically for boys and girls ages 5-7 to introduce them to the Somerset Rec Club Stingrays, our fantastic summer swim team!

Note: SRC membership and coach assessment required to participate in Sharkies


Sharkies swimmers benefit from:

  • 30-minutes of swim instruction 4 to 5 days a week a such a low price you won’t believe it! – A GREAT DEAL FOR MEMBERS! HOURS OF POOL INSTRUCTION TIME!
  • High-quality instruction from swim team coaches on all 4 strokes
  • Preparation and exposure to swim team and race day fun
  • Voluntary end-of-season participation in one exhibit race at the beginning of a swim meet (a favorite of many Sharkies)
  • By the end of the season, many children are able to swim the entire length of the pool in a variety of strokes!


Following participation in Sharkies, many kids move up to participate in the SRC’s Summer Stingrays Swim Team!


Sign up soon as Sharkies spots are limited (only 20 spots this year) and there is always high demand.  Every year we have such a high demand we had to turn potential Sharkies away.


How do I know if my child is ready for Sharkies or if they need swim lessons instead?

Swim coaches assess all Sharkies prior to becoming a Sharkie. Generally to be in the Sharkies program a child must be able to swim on their front, unassisted for the entire width of the pool. No technique requirement needed. If the child needs to grab the side repeatedly etc. then it becomes a safety issue and coaches will recommend your child be signed up for swim lessons first before joining Sharkies.

If you aren’t sure if you should sign your child up for Sharkies or swim team, coaches require a swim team child to be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and at least 12.5 yards on their back. If a child can’t quite do this, then the coaches will typically recommend Sharkies.



Have questions about our Sharkies program?

Please contact one of our Swim Team Parent Coordinators who serve on the SRC Board


“My favorite thing about Sharkies was the swim meets we got to go to.”

Demi. Age 6.

2014 Sharkies